Weber is currently residing in Sonoma County, California. She is working towards earning her Bachelor’s of Art in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography at Sonoma State University. At a young age Weber found her passion in photography and the arts. Following an exploration of painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics, she decided to focus on photography while still maintaining said interdisciplinary mediums. Early lens-based works hone in on portraiture. To investigate her own psyche, Weber explores the human condition by way of portraiture, an ideal medium to express this interest through while simultaneously exploring the beauty of the human form in juxtaposition with made-made atmospheres or in synchrony with natural landscapes. In recent work, defined as new-age fine art, Weber branches off a zeal for portraiture by blending and integrating subjects into the environment as an examination of the inante coexistence between the two. By abstracting the human form into an almost unrecognizable, surreal scene and drawing attention away from the individual subject, Weber hopes the viewer is able to place themselves in the composition, all the while referring back to the main objective: to analyze the integral relationship between man and earth. Weber’s motivation for creating art lies in the subjects that she is passionate about: natural beauty, interpersonal relationships, the human form, and how those topics affect one another. Through these themes, she questions societal behaviors.